OK OK everything ultra started way back in 2014 ? shit I dont even remeber. I use to work right across from the venue and decided to take images of the progress. I didn't want to store them on my phone so I made an instagram page. At first it was called "ultrasetup2014" then the next year "ultrasetup2015" and so on. Until I realized this shit was getting a lot of attention and created what is now called Everything Ultra.

A lot of you have been following from day 1 and thats awesome! Every march everything ultra gets very hot. A lot of eyes are on the account. The activity sky rockets! I believe I gain about an extra 1k followers every march. Everything Ultra is a big hype for a lot of you and im glad I am where I am now with this account. Most of you (mainly out of country followers) see me as a god lol I'm just a Miami local. A lot of you think I work with Ultra but I actually dont. Everything Ultra is not affiliated with Ultra Music Festival in any way shape or form.


Cool! you made it this far! Anyway, My name is Lesan and I was born in Cuba. Been living in Miami for over 27 years now. I love Miami! It's funny I remember when I was younger I found out about Ultra.. I hated it! lol... EDM wasn't my thing back then. As i grew older and somewhat wiser my music taste changed. My last stop in Music is House Music. Big fan of Tech house, deep house and chill house. A lot of you do not know this but I Freelance Graphic & Web Design. Check me out on instagram Tride Designs. Anywho.. Thank you for making Everything Ultra what it is now. It's really all because of you. March time comes around, I spent my time going to the venue and taking images just for you. Hope this account stays alive for as long as possible and Hope I get to continue the Legacy behind Everything Ultra!

If you are ever in Miami.. or hey! locals this goes for you too! Don't be shy feel free to hit me up. Lets grab a drink, hit the beach, roller blade whatever! Also, feel free to Donate! I spend time taking these images for you. Time = Money! Heck im not asking for a lot but atleast a cafecito would do the trick :)

Love you all! stay safe and I'll see you at ultra!